Knit 15 KnitTED Talks
Wild & Woolly's Knit 15 present KnitTED Talks at Unravel: From the life of a moth, to the politics of hole-y clothes, to the building and rebuilding of community, join us as we follow a common thread of mending through a series of thought provoking niche talks for knitters and makers.
The talks will be introduced by Wild & Woolly's Anna Feldman.
Anna started the Knit 15 series (of niche 15 minute talks for knitters) at her wool shop in Clapton, East London in 2020. Shopkeeper, problem solver, storyteller, Anna loves finding unexpected ways through knitterly puzzles - and talking about them. The KnitTED talks about been produced by Anna in collaboration with knitwear designer Fabienne Gassmann.
Joining us for the Knit 15 KnitTED Talks are:
  • Anna Feldman, Host of Knit 15
  • Bridget Harvey, Maker / Researcher
  • Eseosa Edebiri, Artist
  • Dee Lauder, Collections Pest Control Manager at English Heritage (Collection Conservation Team Curatorial Department)
  • Jane Thomson-Webb, BSc, ACR (Head of Collection Services Birmingham Museums Trust)
  • Kerren Harris, ACR (Preventive Conservation Team Leader from Historic Royal Palaces)
  • Salina Jane Gani, Artist in Residence
Date & Time
Friday, May 21, 2021, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM